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A year before I began my training with RTD, I trained with two different well-known powerlifting programs. I spent 24 weeks with each and saw only modest gains. However, once I began my training with Raise the Dead, I gained 10% across all my lifts within THREE MONTHS! Josh is an excellent coach. He was able to point out weak points that I didn't even know I had, he tailored my program to address those weak points and I was able to see gains in record time. I have not hit a PR since high school, WHICH WAS 12 YEARS AGO. If you are like me, and you have reached a plateau and nothing seems to be working, then look no further. I was able to blast through that ceiling and reach the next level.

- Cullen C. Dallas, TX

Training and competing as a member of the RTD team has had a huge impact on my growth as an athlete and as a person. Jess and Josh's committment to their athletes in and out of the gym is what sets this team apart from all others.

Sean D. Houston, TX

I live in my Raise The Dead Co. sweatshirt!!!

Lindsey S. Waxahachie, TX